My mission is to improve the health, safety, and quality of life of those who suffer from a variety of organizing issues.

I am a strategist, a motivator, and a (un-licensed) psychologist! I’m often referred to as the “social worker” of Professional Organizers. My goal is to work in tandem with my clients’ toward a realistic, sustainable and balanced lifestyle– so, here’s what my clients are saying… 

 Client testimonial –with my business card on her refrigerator, she wanted me to know how thankful & appreciated I am to her by adding word magnets.  Simple but effective!M.G. – San Lorenzo

Jennifer has been a god-send, and it is a pleasure to work with her!  After too many years of “collecting” and hoarding behavior, I am now challenged with dealing with the result.  I often become overwhemled, lose motivation and am unable to move forward.  Jen knows just how to tackle whatever the challenge might be, she knows right where to start and digs in head first. Throughout the process, Jen is encouraging, supportive and knows just the right amount of nudging to keep things moving towards your goal without making you feel like you have lost control of the process.  With Jen’s help, I was able to make my home accessible enough to return there following orthopaedic surgery, rather than go to a skilled nursing facility.  Jennifer is an utmost professional, but she is also an understanding and caring individual who shows sincere concern for her clients.  We have only gone a short ways on the long path ahead, but I know with Jennifer’s expertise, energy and support, I am going to be successful in reaching my goal of having a well-appointed, uncluttered environment.

East Bay Client

Jennifer Cazares has worked for me for a year. She is someone I can always count on. She is most reliable and can resolve every new issue that arrives at my desk or at home with ease, whether it is light bulbs or an excel spread sheet. She accomplishes everything with ease and skill. She even gives me advice, with wisdom. Her skills are wide and varied and I am certain I have only scratched the surface of her many talents. She is so helpful that I have become dependent of her advice and help. Her positive attitude is very much appreciated along with her honesty and integrity. I can recommend her, without hesitation. She is a valuable asset.

V.E., Tiburon


Thanks’ sounds so little for all you have done for me. All your hard work you do  seems effortless to you, but to me is like mountains. My words, can never convey the respect and adoration that I feel for your ability and capabilities and your willingness to help me, and so cheerfully too! Thanks again,

M.G., San Ramon

I keep going out to look at my spacious, but not yet completed garage.  Thank u so much for all your hard work.  You should bottle your energy girl, cause you have the energy of 3 people.

Anyway thank u so much.  I greatly appreciate your great help and capabilities. I honestly felt the love today. Love of helping people who don’t know how to get out of their messes.

— Marilyn, San Ramon