Senior Services

I enjoy helping seniors stay in control and independent, so they can feel more self-sufficient!

I consider myself an advocate of my senior clients by:

  • connecting with their heartfelt concerns
  • using language that is understandable
  • being patient and listening to their needs
  • and translating unfamiliar jargon

I am here to help my clients navigate through their mail, digital data, filing, computer/mobile phone, and bill paying.

In today’s fast paced world of technology, you might wonder how to work all your devices.  And the sheer amount of information, mail and paper clutter is overwhelming.  When it comes to devices, I get asked, “How do you know this?” I know because I understand the intuitive process of technology, and I am fluent in “techy” language. I know how to operate all kinds of devices, especially Apple products (MacBook Pro, iPads, iPhones, iWatches).   I have taught many people “how to use” their devices. I have the patience to translate “techy” language into plain English so you can understand and feel empowered!