Organizer Coach

Coaching is believing that you, the client, is Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole.  When we have a coaching session, we partner together, and over time you will start to notice change in your behavior, competence, and confidence in managing your life.  It’s not always about the “stuff”, so together we work rebalancing your current situation.  If you are “Coachable” (take the Coachability Self Test) this is an option to explore.  I can offer coaching in combination or independently from hands-on organizing.
Coaching is a partnering communication process of awareness, action and learning. It speaks to our clients’ Openings for Change, by clarifying values, motivation and ‘what matters most.’ It’s both compassionate and challenging. It promotes big dreams and personal responsibility. – Denslow Brown, Coach Approach for Organizers
Coaching Essentials Certificate