Residential Organizing

Organizing everything under your roof!

Kitchens & Pantries:  Jen knows kitchens and has been in the food industry for many years.  A former restaurant owner, current caterer, and passionate entertainer, she will help you turn your kitchen into a place of joy!

Garage/Storage:  It’s a novel idea, but let’s make your garage a place where you can once again park your car! You can also use it for storage, with the right design. If you also have a storage unit, let me downsize it or even yet, completely help you move out of it and save hundreds of dollars!

Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Home Office, Closets, Attics, Bedrooms, Etc:  The words “Clutter-free” are two most beautiful words in the English language, and is music my ears!  I will offer an objective, clear vision of your clutter and how it impacts your everyday life. Together, we will de-clutter, tidy up, and spruce up your “space”, no matter what room, in a way that works for you!