Organizing projects range in all sizes – there is no one-size fits all.  All packages/sessions are booked between 4-20 hours.  We offer a nominal savings for the more hours you book, for larger, long term projects.

Hourly Rate 


Organizing Consultation 

Some people are “DIY” when it comes to their organizing abilities, and don’t need to have an organizer working side by side with them. But, if you want help getting started or formulating a plan, and just need a professional jump start or sounding board to bounce ideas around, we provide consultation services for people in these situations. All projects are unique, depending on the client’s situation—please note a 2-hour minimum for this service.

Organizing Packages 

All on-site work is booked at 4 hour minimum/maximum per day.  If you are inquiring about a custom package, or a one-time project, please call Jen at 925-367-8300.

One Organizer Packages available 

4 hour package (1 session): $380  (a discount is not offered for this package)
8 hour package (2 sessions): $736
16 hour package (4 sessions): $1470
20 hour package (5 sessions): $1825

Two-Organizer Packages available …(get twice as much done for half the time)

 8 hour package (1 session with two organizers/4 hours each session): $580
16 hour package (2 sessions with two organizers/4 hrs each session): $1870
24 hour package (3 sessions with two organizers/4 hrs each session):  $2790
*Rates are subject to change at anytime