CPO-CD® Class of 2019!

I am two-thirds of the way through earning my “credential” as a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®) program.  I am incredibly proud of this educational journey I have embarked upon!  This 20-month program requires an investment of me as a professional organizer of over $3000, and 200+ hours of coursework, lots of reading, writing, and analyzing books related to Chronically Disorganized (CD) clients, as well as service in my industry. I think education matters in my desire to work with CD clients. This program is not required or necessary as a professional organizer, but for me, it’s testament of my commitment to provide specialized help, especially to my CD clients.  Though I have 6 months more to go, I am (already) much more qualified and equipped than my competition, and I’m in a position to be of greater service to my client’s needs.

Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time!


For big jobs, where time is of the essence, you can get a lot more done in half the time—with TWO organizers! This client asked for two organizers so he could access his window to open it, reach his desk, and open his closet.  He had gone far too long without being able to safely maneuver in his bedroom/office.


In a matter of four hours, with two organizers, we could see the floor! We categorized his stuff, recycled the mountain of paper, and sorted out paper to be shredded…AND, we were able to open the window and let the fresh air in!

#harmreduction #safetyfirst #happyclient #oddlyenough


My Clutter is like “Mountains”…

When I get feedback like this from my clients, it makes me feel so wonderful! This is why I love what I do so much…All my clients are worth it!

‘Thanks’ sounds so little for all you have done for me. All your hard work you do  seems effortless to you, but to me is like mountains.

My words, can never convey the respect and adoration that I feel for your ability and capabilities and your willingness to help me, and so cheerfully too!

Thanks again,


Toss, Donate, Keep…

Spring is in the air!  Can you feel it?  Spring symbolizes a fresh beginning. Whether it’s your garage, kitchen, bedroom, or attic, you can count on Cazares Organizing to be your support and get you started in the right direction. Together, I will help you “get the point” of tossing, donating, and keeping just the right amount of stuff.

Fix-it Fairy

I’ve officially coined myself the “Fix-it Fairy”! Whenever my clients asks if I can glue, sew, or repair something that is meaningful to him/her, I say, “Of course I can do that!” It all started with client who thought if she just left something on the table, I’d see it, repair it, and it would “MAGICALLY” appear on our next session. So, I said, “I guess you’re leaving that dog charm on the table so I’d see it, and it would magically appear the next time we meet, like before, right?” She told me, “That’s EXACTLY what I was hoping!” I’ve never seen her laugh so hard!