Happy New Year!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?  Starting fresh and getting organized?  Skills like sorting, making decisions and follow through are necessary to declutter your living space—Yes, I know…creating livable spaces is easier said then done. At a recent conference I attended, Michael Tomkins, Phd, author and authority on clutter and hoarding behavior, challenged the audience to think about the word “need” when sorting stuff. Try this rule:  Ask yourself these three powerful questions when you are sorting your stuff to determine whether it’s something that should be tossed, donated or kept:

  • is my SAFETY at risk?
  • is my HEALTH at risk?
  • is my FINANCIAL WELFARE at risk?

Other rules that you need to consider when sorting:

  • If it’s broken…can you let it go?
  • How many of the same or similar thing do you have? Find balance.
  • If it’s not repaired or used in a “reasonable” amount of time (less then 6 months), can you let it go?

Dig deep and ask yourself:  Will your life be negatively effected if you get rid of “it”?  Have you felt anxiety or depression because you’ve been without “it”.  What void is “it” filling? Have you spent hours, days, or weeks looking for “it”?  I can help with with all these questions, and together we can make a difference!  Call/text/email Cazares Organizing today!

Dig deep and you will get results.

Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time!


For big jobs, where time is of the essence, you can get a lot more done in half the time—with TWO organizers! This client asked for two organizers so he could access his window to open it, reach his desk, and open his closet.  He had gone far too long without being able to safely maneuver in his bedroom/office.


In a matter of four hours, with two organizers, we could see the floor! We categorized his stuff, recycled the mountain of paper, and sorted out paper to be shredded…AND, we were able to open the window and let the fresh air in!

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Downsizing with a Senior (before and after pictures)

Downsizing is not easy for anyone, in fact it’s downright stressful!  Our client, a senior, is moving from a large three bedroom home in to a one bedroom, in-law unit.  There’s so much to consider with a downsizing move. What will the new floor plan accommodate? What do I really need? What should I sell?  What should I donate?  The questions kept coming and swirling around in our client’s head. It’s overwhelming to be sure.  Today, we worked on the garage to make room to store the belongs she plans to take when the house sells.  There are lots of decisions to be made, but this senior was up for the challenge and did fantastic!



Toss, Donate, Keep…

Spring is in the air!  Can you feel it?  Spring symbolizes a fresh beginning. Whether it’s your garage, kitchen, bedroom, or attic, you can count on Cazares Organizing to be your support and get you started in the right direction. Together, I will help you “get the point” of tossing, donating, and keeping just the right amount of stuff.