What is a Professional Organizer? This is a common question. To me a Professional Organizer brings peace of mind, reduces stress, brings balance and joy to your home or business. In addition, we bring order, strategies, and structure.  We teach organizational systems and proven principles to organize your home or business that makes sense to you.  And we can rejuvenate your business by offering fresh ideas and innovative approaches to be more productive, and elevate it to a higher level.

Should I be there when you come, or do you work on your own?  It’s essential that we work together.  Without you, I wouldn’t know what’s important and what isn’t. In addition, we can talk about organizing strategies, ideas, and skills that you can use to keep your space in a way that brings you joy.

Do you offer a complimentary consultation?  Yes, I offer a “let’s get acquainted” call for 30-minutes.  In that call we’ll decide together if I can help you meet your goals and bring your vision to life.  To get started, fill out the form on the Contact Me page.  During our call I will ask you questions about your goals, vision, needs, wants, assumptions, etc.

Do you work with people who  hoard? Yes.  As defined by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), they provide The Clutter–Hoarding Scale™, which is an assessment measurement tool, to give professional organizers definitive parameters related to health and safety. As a professional organizer, Level IV is the highest level which I give consideration.  The levels in the scale are progressive, with Level I as the lowest and Level V the highest.

How much time is it going to take? No one home or business  is alike another.  Once I assess your needs, I can only estimate how much time we’ll need – and I’m not always spot on! Organizing is a process or a journey, and no two people process the same way or at the same speed.

Can we keep this shhh? I’m a little embarrassed.  Yes, confidentiality is an absolute must to me. My professional background is in Human Resources, so I am very accustom to working with very sensitive information.  I am an active member and subscribe to the ICD code of ethics and National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and the International Coach Federation code of ethics.

Service Agreement  On or before our first session, I ask my clients to sign a Service Agreement. This document summarizes the services, fees, and policies of Cazares Organizing. For more information on my policies click HERE.

Why do you only work in 4-hour blocks of time?  After 4 hours we start to lose steam — We lose focus and mental capacity to make important decisions.  Organizing takes a lot of mental and physical energy.  We want to stay focused, fresh and hydrated.