Creating livable spaces & productive workplaces

Can you imagine, or better yet, reimagine your home where you can invite your friends over and you have a place where they can hang their coats and sit?  Or can you reimagine your dining room table free of clutter so you can enjoy a meal with your family?  How about reimaging your garage where you can actually park your car?  Can you reimagine bills that are paid on time, and don’t mysteriously get lost in the stacks of mail from days and months gone by?  I’m here to help and inspire you in your home or business to create systems and processes using organizing principles and coach
ing skills so you can reimagine your best possible life.

In your home, whether you feel a low level of anxiety from your clutter to a guarded level of more severe disorganization, I crave the transformative feeling of removing your clutter and creating your space into something that is freeing, balanced and life-changing. I have a creative eye for detail and a knack for managing time. I will take my strengths and passions, unleash them in your home or business, and together we can raise your expectations to an entirely different level.

For your business, my passion is to assist you with steps toward your short or long-term goals, so that your  business will thrive and reach its full potential. We will collaborate to find a solution(s) to your project, problem or challenge, by offering my organizational management skills, professional Human Recourses and Marketing background, as well as my hands-on entrepreneurial approach!

I’ve really seen it all (well, let’s just say, I’ve seen a lot!) — and your space or business is always approached from a non-judgmental and confidential position. Together we will work on your vision and form a partnership to create your ideal lifestyle!

When I’m not organizing, I love being with my family, cooking/baking and entertaining, traveling all around the world, boating, camping & hiking, to putting on my dancing shoes to go ballroom dancing!  I am passionate about education and have always been a member of the PTA Board as President, VP, Communication Chair, Auction Chair, After School Education Chair, etc.

Warmly, Jen

My Educational Background:

  • University of San Diego, San Diego, California
    • B.A., English
    • B.B.A., Business Administration (Marketing & Human Resources)

My Professional Affiliations & Qualifications:

National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO) –  Dedicated to helping people and organizations bring order and efficiency to their lives.

Continuing Education/Conferences: 

  • Conference, Chicago, IL – April 2018
  • Specialist in Workplace Productivity & Residential Organizing

Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) – Research and strategies to benefit people challenged by chronic disorganization.

Continuing Education/Conferences:

  • Chronic Disorganization Specialist (Level II) – August 2017
  • Hoarding Specialist (Level II) – October 2107
  • Aging Specialist  (Level II) – November 2017
  • Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client Certificate of Study –  (Level I) – November 2017
  • National Conference, St. Louis, MO – September 2017
  • National Conference, Portland, OR – September 2016

Coach Approach for Organizers – BeCause there’s an opening for change.

  • Continuing Education

Organizer Coach – Coaching Essentials  & Coaching Skills Lab