“Need” is a Powerful Word

What do you really “need” to keep?  Sorting your stuff can be overwhelming and cause a lot of anxiety.  To put what you really “need” to the test, Michael Tompkins, PhD, a licensed psychologist and board certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology, and author of many books regarding hoarding, suggests when you sort your stuff, ask yourself these three powerful questions:

  1. Is my SAFETY at risk?
  2. Is my HEALTH at risk?
  3. Is my FINANCIAL welfare at risk?

When you ask yourself these questions you may find that you really don’t “need” as much as you want to keep.  He also suggests, if an item is broken – let it go.  If you have others (usually many) – let it go.  If you don’t repair “it” in a month or two — let it go!  Other sorting tips suggested by Tompkins, is to use a three box sorting system:  HARD to toss; MODERATE to toss; and EASY to toss. By practicing these sorting tips, you will build a level of tolerance, which leads to less anxiety.

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