New Year’s Resolution: Pantry Makeover

As we start the New Year, it’s common to make New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions like “get (more) organized”, “lose weight”, “eat healthier”, and the list goes on.  Let’s just look at “get (more) organized”- then break that down to “Pantry Makeover”.  It’s impossible to organize your house all at once.  Think of being organized as a journey…do a little everyday so you don’t become overwhelmed—that’s manageable.  Let’s take your kitchen for starters.  What I see all too often is a pantry that is overflowing, looking like there’s no rhyme or reason. If you group like things together, like a grocery store, it makes it easier to find things.  Check dates and dispose of foods that have expired.  When you go shopping, first make a list and check your pantry so you don’t buy something you already have — EVEN IF IS ON SALE, use what you have on hand first!  Remember, sales will NEVER go away.  There is ALWAYS another sale.  With just these few tips, you will have a pantry that works like a pantry.