To shred or not to shred…

that is the question.  Or is the question, “What should I shred?”

With identify theft top of mind for many of us, I often get asked, “What should I shred?”  The simple answer is anything that has a signature, account number (like a credit card statement), phone number, social security number, ATM receipts, airline tickets, medical or legal information, plus credit offers.

Of course, protection is gained from shredding this information, but it’s not 100% foolproof, BUT, you have taken big steps to deter chances of  identify theft. When you shred these sensitive documents, you will feel peace of mind, and that’s truly meaningful!

0527-shredding-infographic150x540If you have a lot of paper that needs to be shredded, then I recommend taking it to a professional organization to have it shredded – UPS stores, Staples, etc shred documents for a fee, usually by the pound, or per a banker’s box.  I would also purchase a shredder for your home, and shred documents on a regular basis so it does not become overwhelming. Look for a powerful cross-cut shredder that can also shred expired credit cards or several pieces of paper at the same time.  All shredded paper should be bagged up and placed in your recycle bin.

For more information and a lot of specifics, visit the Federal Trade Commission, A Pack Rat’s Guide to Shredding.