Are you coachable?

I went to the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) in Portland, OR, and was introduced to Coaching for Organizers.  “Eureka!  I found “it”!”, I thought.  The idea of coaching in the world of organizing is a service that is much needed.  Well since that conference, I have fully embraced the idea of becoming a “Coach Organizer”, so I took the first level of classes required to become a Certified Coach Organizer – Coaching Essentials. Coaching is a service that’s not for everyone.  You can certainly take the Coachability Self Test, to determine if you are “coachable” – it’s certainly worth checking out. So what is a Coach Organizer?  Well, it’s a partnership between the client and the coach, where the coach “teaches clients (both individuals and businesses) not only how to help identify openings for change, but how to respond to them in such a way that the client becomes actively engaged in the change process.”   I’d love to talk to you more about how coaching can change your life or business to be more productive, balanced, and peaceful.

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