What I offer as an Organizer is a partnership.  Together, we will work toward the ultimate goal to:

  • gain efficiency
  • find balance
  • achieve peace of mind, and
  • develop a plan that makes sense to you for your personal life and living space.

When we are out of balance, our personal life and living space become the beneficiary of clutter and chaos.  A day turns into a month, then a month turns into a year, then a year turns into a decade or more.  During these lost years,  personal affairs unfortunately become neglected — mail, financial, legal matters, etc., and over this lost time—“things” deteriorate and chaos and clutter ensues.

Now, the question often is, “Where do I even start?” You may look around your home and be overtaken by what appears to be overwhelming, perplexing and even complicated.  You’ve recached the tipping point and now it’s time to be present and mindful of your living space and personal life, which for too long have been ignored.  This is where I enter, as an organizer and a Organizer Coach, I promise to: actively listen, establish trust, create a supportive environment, be present,  and be respectful of your space.

What I commonly hear before I start organizing:

  • “I feel overwhelmed!”
  • “I feel paralyzed!”
  • “I don’t know where to start.”
  • “I can’t make decisions.”
  • “I need someone to motivate me.”
  • “I feel scared. It’s hard for me to trust people.”
  • “I’m so ashamed of this; I never have anyone come over to my house.”

What I commonly hear after organizing:

  • “Wow, I can’t believe how much lighter I feel!”
  • “I can breathe with ease!”
  • “I feel such an incredible sense of relief!”
  • “I have so much room now!”
  • “I can find my “(fill in the blank)” now!”
  • “I feel like a gained a new friend that I can trust 100%! Thank you!”
  • “Now I have place for friends and family to sit…comfortably.  I’m not embarrassed anymore.”

If you’ve never worked with an organizer, you’re in for a real treat.  You too can experience “after organizing” euphoria, that’s truly magical!  Visit my other pages and learn about who I am, and how I can help you.  And when you’re ready for a complimentary, initial consultation, fill out and submit the form on my  Contact Me page. Or if you want to chat immediately, call me at 925-367-8300.

This is what customer client felt just after the first day together!