CPO-CD®: Class of 2019!

I have applied, and have been accepted into the CPO-CD® (Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization) program.  This program is the equivalent level of a Master’s degree!  I am now officially a member of the class of 2019!

On this journey toward my CPO-CD®, I will get the level of education related to issues of chronic disorganization. spending 17-20 months of intensive time studying and applying this learning in practical application with my current clients.

The CPO-CD® program is specifically geared to improve the quality of service I already provide my clients, and enhance my techniques and knowledge as a professional organizer, as it relates to my CD (Chronically Disorganized) clients.

Happy Client Testimonial

My client of a year just wrote me a beautiful testimonial.  I feel so honored and humbled…

Jennifer Cazares has worked for me for a year. She is someone I can always count on. She is most reliable and can resolve every new issue that arrives at my desk or at home with ease, whether it is light bulbs or an excel spread sheet. She accomplishes everything with ease and skill. She even gives me advice, with wisdom. Her skills are wide and varied and I am certain I have only scratched the surface of her many talents. She is so helpful that I have become dependent of her advice and help. Her positive attitude is very much appreciated along with her honesty and integrity. I can recommend her, without hesitation. She is a valuable asset.

V.E., Tiburon, CA


TRUST is a really special thing!

When you TRUST someone you have a “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone”.  That is not easy to obtain, especially when I am working with a Chronically Disorganized people and Hoarders, who do not trust many, even family!  So, it feels really phenomenal when a client lets me into his or her world = TRUST. It’s an honor and the greatest compliment that I have earned.  Thank you to my clients who completely trust me.  I do NOT take it lightly.

I have received my Chronic Disorganization Specialist Certificate from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization! This is a real BIG deal for me in an industry that is my passion.   This not-for-profit organization provides education and training to professional organizers and related professionals who specialize in working with the chronically disorganized population. 

Just earned: NAPO Specialist Certificate – Workplace Productivity

This certificate strengthens my educational background (B.B.A. Business Administration, with an emphasizes in Marketing and Human Resources, & B.A. in English) in workplace productivity through the development of three basic class divisions.

The the 3 class divisions as described by NAPO:

  • The core classes focus on factors affecting managing business aspects like planning, staffing, and business issues and productivity including project and team management.
  • The Client Interaction classes focus on ways in which I interpersonally relate to my clients through recognition and boundaries and help me to connect with my clients to provide a teaching environment.
  • The Skills classes offer a variety of subjects to sharpen already present skillsets or to add new tools in my toolbox to expand my marketability for helping business clients remain relevant in a demanding professional environment.

I am committed to help elevate your business to a whole new level!